How to Structure a PhD Thesis

Developing a PhD thesis is one of the most difficult feats to accomplish. What researchers who don’t have a lot of experience struggle with is the structure of the thesis. Structuring the information in the appropriate manner is one of the most crucial aspects that lead to the success of the PhD thesis. Years and years of research culminate in a PhD thesis. This makes it important to understand the structure of the PhD thesis. We surveyed several firms, including, and came up with this definitive guide to structuring the thesis. 

Preliminary pages

The preliminary pages include the title page, the acknowledgment page, the abstract, and the tale of contents. Based on the university guidelines, each of these pages will have a specific formatting requirement. If you are facing issues in formatting the thesis, you can always approach a professional service provider for PhD Thesis help in Dubai.


This marks the first chapter and includes important parameters such as the research context, the research problem, and the research background. Usually, this chapter also includes the research aim, objectives, and research questions. It is also prudent to write the significance of the study in this chapter. 

Literature review

The most important part of the thesis is the literature review. This chapter includes the reviewing and synthesizing of key literature information that enables the researcher to establish a very solid foundation for the research. The reader of the literature review must be made aware of the current trends in research and the overarching gap in the research. If you are unsure of how to tackle this, you can talk to an expert providing Literature Review writing help in Dubai.

Methodology and data analysis

If you are doing a PhD Thesis writing in UAE, then the next part of the thesis is the methodology and data collection and analysis. You need to specify the methodology that is adopted and the focus on reporting the results of the data analysis. 

Discussion and conclusion

Once the data analysis is completed, you will need to discuss the results and conclude the thesis. A service like PhD Thesis help in Dubai can certainly help you compile the final few aspects of the research and ensure that the entire thesis flows in a systematic manner.


FAQs on PhD Thesis help in Dubai

Q. What are the phases of a PhD?

The first phase is the coursework, where you will have to attend classes and gain as much information as you can. The second phase will be the summative assessments phase, wherein short assignments will be required to be completed as part of the coursework. Following this, you will be upgraded, and a research proposal will be needed to be submitted. Once the research proposal is approved, you will begin the main thesis writing. You can decide to talk to consultants who provide Thesis writing services at any phase of the PhD.

Q. Can I hire someone to format my thesis for me?

Yes, of course you can. Hiring someone to format your PhD thesis will not only help in making sure that the formatting is done correctly but will also make sure that a second pair of eyes evaluate the thesis. We recommend a firm such as who is well-known and reputed to be one of the best in the UAE.

Q. What style of references should I follow?

There are multiple referencing style formats that are available to students, such as APA, MLA, and Harvard, among others. What you need to do is ensure that you are following the recommended guidelines of the university and following a style that is consistent.