FAQS for Thesis Help

  1. What Types Of Academic Writing Does Thesishelp.ae Do?

We handle and carry out all academic writing for all university and college level.  We specialize in various aspects of thesis writing: topic selection, proposal, research, data analysis, case study, term papers, and any thesis coursework.

  1. Do You Charge For An Academic Consultation?

No.Academic writing advice and consultation is absolutely FREE of charge. But we appreciate if you can give us a call for an appointment before dropping by.

  1. Do You Do Proofreading & Editing?

Of course, we do. We have a team of expert writers, proof readers, and editors.

  1. What Are The Basic Steps To Obtain Your Writing Services?

You can call our office for an appointment or you can email us the instructions you received from your professor, then we will review and analyze it.  After which we will get back to you and give you our feedback.

  1. Do You Accept Group Projects?

Yes.We don’t only cater to individual assignments but we do also projects for the group.

  1. Is My Personal Data & Assignment Tasks Protected?

Yes.  We, first and foremost, safeguard the confidentiality of our client.  We ensure all our clients that all the data and information are strictly sealed, top-secret and confidential.

  1. Are All The Assignment or Projects Done Only By One or Similar Writer?

To ensure the high quality and effectiveness of our work, Thesishelp.ae has a team of qualified Ph.D. writers specializing in their respective field of study. In addition, they are well-experienced, passionate, reliable and credible writers.  We do have also in our team – editors, researchers, and analysts. So in short, no we have a huge team who takes care of different projects.

  1. How Much Do You Charge Per Thesis and How Is It Calculated?

We calculate the charge of our papers based on the complexity of work and the deadlines set. Nevertheless, we offer Cheap MBA Assignment Writing in Dubai, Cheap Research paper writing help in UAE, and Cheap thesis writing services in Dubai, UAE. No need to worry about the prices – our rate is the most competitive in the industry.

  1. What Will Thesishelp.ae Not Do To Disappoint Our Clients?

We are committed; all the work done is with the high-quality result, the uniqueness of content, on time submission of the task, and we give plagiarism report to ensure our client that our work is not copy-paste.