A Guide to Writing a PhD Thesis

In order to successfully complete their PhD program, all students must submit a thesis, which is a piece of original research. The thesis summarizes the results and conclusions drawn from the research you conducted while pursuing your doctorate. According to PhD Thesis Help in Dubai, the most significant component of a PhD research degree is the thesis, which is the result of three or four years of full-time labor toward the creation of a unique contribution to your field of study. This might make your Ph.D. dissertation seem intimidating, with a large word count, the pressure of creating something original, and, of course, the idea of having to defend it at a viva after you’re done. You can learn from this article things you need to know about the PhD thesis.

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Structure of a PhD Thesis

After finishing your first literature review and carrying out your original research, you will proceed to the following stage of your doctoral dissertation, where you will start to outline the structure your thesis will take. Although the precise format and contents of your PhD thesis will differ depending on your field, many dissertations will generally follow this broad template:

1. Introduction

This outlines the main goals of your project, the significance of the effort, and the unique contribution it makes to knowledge. At this point, you can also summarize the upcoming chapters and outline the argument you plan to present.

2. Literature Review

Generally, the introduction will come first in a written literature review. This is where you will describe the project’s scholarly background. While highlighting the distinctive aspects of your work, PhD Thesis writing in UAE recommends acknowledging the ways in which prior research has influenced your Ph.D.

3. Chapters

Once your research introduction is complete, you will start the main body of the dissertation. This will provide an overview of your findings and provide an explanation of your reasoning. A replication of the data you have created or specialized chapters on methodology are sometimes included in PhD theses. Over several phases, others will expand on your case, citing pertinent sources and findings.

4. Conclusion

A final chapter summarizing the various components of your argument and the supporting data will conclude the dissertation. You’ll reiterate the project’s relevance (as well as its crucial original addition to knowledge). It’s also a good idea to mention the possibility of more research or chances to use your discoveries outside of the academic setting.

5. Bibliography and Appendices

A bibliography with a complete list of all the books, papers, and data you’ve cited must be included at the conclusion of your thesis. It might also be necessary for you to include an appendix with more material.

Length of a PhD Thesis

Based on recommendations by Thesis writing services in Dubai, PhD theses range in length from subject to subject, although they are always significantly lengthier than those for master’s or undergraduate degrees. Generally, your university will establish a maximum word count of 70,000–100,000, with most dissertations clocking in at about 80,000. Theses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences tend to be longer than those in the STEM fields. Make sure you understand what is required of you because different colleges (and departments) will have varied policies regarding what counts toward the word count of a PhD thesis. Consult your supervisor to find out if the word count for your dissertation includes references, the bibliography, or appendices.

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FAQs on Thesis Help in Dubai

1. How can I write my PhD thesis faster?

If possible, try to break down your chapters or sections of chapters into manageable writing chunks and strive to finish writing those chunks within a set amount of time. The best solution you can also consider is to seek assistance from Thesis writing help in UAE.

2. Can I pay someone to write my PhD thesis?

You really can, yes! It is entirely up to you to decide how best to finish your coursework. There are several professional companies or websites that can guide you in each and every step of the PhD thesis.

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