Using the Appropriate Statistical Test from Statistical Analysis Services

What is Statistical Analysis? In science, when we say statistical analysis it is the study of gathering, collecting, organising, investigating, executing and presenting huge amount of collected data and unveiling or exposing paradigms or trends.  In most corporate businesses, they rely on statistical analysis using statistical analysis test to help them predict or do forecasting on business trends and minimise certain menace or risks. To come up with a more precise forecast they consult an expert statistician providing statistical analysis services.

Pivotal role of statistic analysis

Basically statistics authorise or allows corporate business to plough deeper or intensely into particular information to perceive the prevailing situations, the upcoming business trend and make the suitable or pertinent decision-making.  Statistical analysis being utilise by statistical analysis services in UAE is being applied almost every day in a business entity, research and government in order to become more research-based and technical on particular decision.  Listed down are some of the fields where statistical analysis help plays a critical role or a high priority:

  • Data Analysis
  • Market analysis and market research
  • Corporate business intelligence
  • Financial Analysis
  • And many more

The main goal of statistical analysis is to basically identify the business trends and move. There are various types of statistical analysis that are being used:

  • Descriptive Statistical Analysis
  • Inferential Statistical Analysis
  • Causal Statistical Analysis
  • Prescriptive Statistical Analysis
  • Predictive Statistical Analysis
  • Mechanistic Statistical Analysis
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Using Various Statistical Test for Data Analysis

What statistical test do you need to use? The use of statistical test merely depends on the research outline or design, the data distribution and the classification of variable. SPSS testing in UAE for data analysis help could be by correlational – pearson or spearman, Chi-square, ANOVA, Paired or Independent T-test, Regression – Simple or Multiple, Wilcoxon Rank or Sign Test, to name a few.

Generally, the methods of data analysis help in Dubai using the SPSS test in Dubai add up further awareness and sagacity to the decision making. Consulting an SPSS analysis help in Dubai you will be ensured that they have mastered in analysing data using fundamental methods and techniques of data analysis help through efficient statistical analysis services using powerful and effective data analysis tools.

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