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To start with, a case study is considered to be a method of analysis that aims to conduct a research or investigate a specific individual, group or phenomenon. Moreover, it also provides results to have a clear understanding of previous or future trends, and seeks to illustrate a problem in clearer approach. In this article, we will discuss some of the helpful tips on how to write a case study with inputs from respected and renowned Case Study Writing Help in Dubai.

Step 1: Determine what you would like to investigate.

Decide upon which subject you want to discuss. Conduct an in-depth research and interviews in order to narrow down your focus. You can read books, newspapers, magazines and online articles to find more information. Always keep in mind to make your notes as much as possible and maintain a list of your resources because you need to include this at the end of your case study. Double check as well if there were past studies of the same subject in order to have a different take or discover something new. Reviewing previous studies will also help you to gain investigative insights and approaches that you can also use.

Step 2: Select the most appropriate study type.

Case studies are categorized into four types which you can use depending on the purpose of your investigation. These study types include:

  • Illustrative (Descriptive)
  • Cumulative
  • Exploratory (Pilot)
  • Critical Instance

Step 3: Have a clear and organized structure and writing style.

Here are some key components to consider before you start writing your case study:

  • Introduction: It captures the main purpose and overall scope of your idea by describing the subject of analysis, explaining the importance of your research issue, providing background information why you are writing this study and discussing why this study will offer new ways of understanding your subject.
  • Literature Review: This includes an overview of up to date knowledge, which allows you to determine applicable theories, methods, and gaps in the existing research.
  • Method: Illustrate the main reasons for choosing the topic, as well as the strategy used in answering research questions. Incident/event, person, place and phenomenon are the subjects of analysis that you can use in describing your method.
  • Discussion: In this section, you have to discuss the major findings, explain the essence of the findings, relate the findings to similar existing studies, enumerate the limitations of the study and propose areas for future research.
  • Conclusion: Give an emphasis on how your findings differ from or strengthen the conclusion of earlier studies. Combine the major results and explain how they answer the research questions.

Writing a case study involves huge amount of time of conducting research and writing. At the end of your study, you need to draw coherent conclusions after collecting findings and investigations. In addition to this, high quality case study writing also means that you have to carefully research on the most crucial issues and test your research findings against conventional theories. Over the years, students all over the globe have started to discover the great benefits of hiring a reliable Case Study Writing Help in Dubai so they can submit a flawless and well-researched academic case study. Work only with the best Professional Case Study Writing Service & Online Help in Dubai to guarantee great results, high grades and improved academic performance. They are industry experts who possess extensive experience in developing the right strategy and technique to accomplish the work in the best way possible.