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Emirates Aviation University    

Emirates Aviation University was established in 1991 in the UAE and since then it has continued to grow exponentially. Emirates Aviation University in Dubai has also liaised with one of the biggest Airline group –Emirates Airline and provides a suitable kick starter to an individual’s career in all functionalities of the Aviation Industry.

Since the beginning of the Emirates Aviation University in UAE, it has produced high caliber individuals who have always worked hard to ensure that the university’s reputation is upheld. The environment and ambiance at Emirates Aviation University is diverse, rich and filled with influences that only improve the quality of the student life. Emirates Aviation University provides courses in all aspects of the aviation world including but not limited to Cabin Crew and Flight Management, Airline Management, Ground Dispatcher Training, Logistics, Human Resource Management, Engineering, Aviation Management, Flight Safety and Security, Administration, and much more.

Emirates Aviation University Admissions are now open and they usually have a high acceptance rate across their many programs. Students who are interested in enrolling in the Emirates Aviation University must visit their website for more information on the many processes and guidelines.

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