The Structure of a DBA Thesis

DBA thesis writing requires your passion and dedication to finish the research. It’s not like your thesis when you are finishing your bachelor’s and master’s degree. It’s more difficult than expected. The success of your DBA thesis is in the hands of the writer and the level of excellence of his writing skills. It’s not the right time to procrastinate, invest a lot of time and effort to these dissertation. DBA thesis structure is crucial. It needs a broad understanding and awareness. Before starting your DBA thesis writing, it is important to research first the structures then proceed to the most challenging part which is deciding contents. DBA thesis’ structures are the following:


  1. Title page – this structure represents your studies. It includes the title of your thesis, your degree, the month you started it, your name and your school/university. The highlight of this structure is the title of your thesis. It should be interesting and appealing title so that it can capture the attention of the readers.


  1. Abstract – it is an overview of your thesis. It should be done in the last part. It’s like a brief summary of your thesis and generally it is short.


  1. Dedication page – this structure highlights the people whom you dedicated the research. As a student, we have the reasons behind our hard works. It is your chance to put them in the dedication page to inform them how they mean to you.


  1. Acknowledgment page – it is time to give thanks for all the support and guidance from your family, friends, professors, thesis adviser and the panels. Write touching gratitude statements for them and how they help you to reach the finish line.


  1. Table of contents – it includes the organized list of tables and figures from your studies and appropriately formatted. This is a structure where the readers can easily see what they want to know and read.


  1. Dissertation body – this structure was very crucial. It answers the questions “why the topic needs to be studied?” “What is being studied?” and “what can we expect to learn about the study?”


  1. Reference list – it is where you get all the research and information that you gathered to form your DBA thesis writing. It represents all the credits from the websites, books, magazines, journals that has been written by the notable authors.


  1. Appendices – this section presents the materials that have been used to accomplish your DBA thesis.