Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Thesis

Essays, theses, and dissertations are all examples of academic writing that need formal written expression. According to professional Thesis Help in Dubai, many problems could bring down the quality of your writing. Several of the most important ones are discussed in this article. Following is a list of things you should avoid when writing academically. If you steer clear of these problems, writing your thesis will become a pleasurable and fully fulfilling experience.

Informal writing

Writing for academic purposes differs greatly from regular English writing. Therefore, it rejects informal English, requiring proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Academic writing does not permit the use of contractions. Words should, therefore, be spelt completely. Your writing may suffer more than you think if you use an excessively talkative or intimate tone. Technical language does not include colloquial terms. Furthermore, English that is slang or colloquial should not be used.

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Unsuitable fonts and styles

Research papers must be exact and straightforward. The last thing to do is experiment with fonts to make them look prettier. Recall that your writing should prioritise these ideas over their aesthetic appeal. Therefore, before choosing the font type, consult your publication guide. Generally speaking, 12-point Times New Roman or Arial fonts are recommended.

Altering the verb tenses

The tense of a verb indicates whether an event is taking place in the past, present, or future. Randomly switching the verb tense in writing, whether official or informal, will detract from the composition. Still, the majority of academicians are diligent individuals. They do tend to make tense blunders and revise their writing a lot when they write. Proofreaders are desperately needed in this situation. They’ll make sure you don’t switch tenses mid-sentence. Contact Thesis writing services in Dubai, such as for professional editing and proofreading assistance.

Using personal language

It would be ideal to concentrate on research, analysis, and communication in your scientific writing. As a result, you should exercise caution when using informal language in official writing. However, you might have to write using “I” or “We” for the sake of clarity. However, writing with objectivity is essential, and staying away from “you” is advised. In that sense, APA 7 might serve as a useful reference.

Going over the word limit

Word restrictions force you to write clearly and omit any unnecessary details from your research. The word restriction, therefore, ensures more accuracy and keeps your readers from having to deal with superfluous information and paragraphs that are too long. When writing an abstract, word count is especially important.


Of all, plagiarism is the most significant. Do not forget that you need to give credit to your sources. Let’s say that you have not done so. In that instance, serious charges of plagiarism might be made against you. Cite all of the sources you have used, mark all of the “quoted texts,” and keep track of your sources in a reference list to avoid plagiarism. Asking for reliable Help with thesis in Dubai can be one of the wisest decisions you can make to avoid such issues.

Redundant phrases

The worst thing you can do when writing a thesis or dissertation is to use repetitive sentences. Phrasal verbs also make your writing seem prettier. Be brief is the general rule of thumb. When “because” will do, why is “due to the fact that” necessary? A further crucial concern is the overuse of superfluous modifiers. You may be confident that “essential” will function just as effectively as “most important.”

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