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The ultimate purpose of writing a case study is to show the reader about an existing problem in a particular situation and outline different potential solutions, along with the details of how it was obtained. Before you write anything, consider the below steps on how you can create the content of your case study or seek professional support from a highly reputed Case Study Writing Help in Dubai:

  • Illustrate the Current Situation or Problem: Your reader requires clarity of the situation in order to find relevant solutions by clearly explaining the problem posed in the study. There are some ways on how to do this such as sharing quotes from someone who is closely related to the situation or presenting a question. In this way, the reader will think of the problem while reading the content of your case study. Moreover, this also anticipates the reader to further understand the situation by presenting the necessary information.
  • Provide a complete background that demonstrates how a problem is identified which may include facts and figures from reliable sources. You can also use also the following: charts, tables, graphs, audios, photos, videos, quotes from interviews, anecdotal information or anything that helps to identify problem. Remember that a good case study does not inform its readers on what to think but rather leads through the thought process to create the conclusion. Your readers can come up with their own conclusions or discover blunder in the logic being presented. The readers will have their own viewpoint and background as they read though your case study.
  • Explain the solution: In this section, tackle how you come up with the solution and include the author’s speculations and opinions. Both facts and subjective thinking can be also involved in the decision. Present the key factors used in a brief manner to obtain the solution. Be clear about the objective of the solution – whether it is to slow down, lessen or eradicate the problem.
  • Assess the response to the solution: In case that your case study applies to a current situation, the effect of the solution might not be evaluated that much. However, if the solution has been present before, then you can collect and analyze available impressions and facts. Incorporate a summary of how effective the solution works well to a particular problem.
  • Tell the full story: And last but not the least, demonstrate how the problem was resolved by concentrating on the evidence for the problem and approach used to formulate a solution. When writing this part, make sure to use a writing style that guides the readers through the analysis of the problem as if they were involved in the project.

Understanding how to write a case study is one of the main skills you need to develop and improve during your academic years. Since it requires analytical skills, it may be a daunting and stressful task to many students because you are expected to discover a solution to a specific problem which can be really difficult. The above mentioned steps are just guidelines so you can have a step-by-step idea on how to write a case study. If you are still in doubt on how and where to start, you might need to search for a professional assistance from highly experienced people who can personally guide you or find the most trustworthy Case Study Writing Help in Dubai whom you can rely on so you can be sure to receive high grades and at the same time, improve your writing skills.